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Ik ben NIKITA MORSO uit ZWOLLE-NEDERLAND en welkom! to my official website

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If you are BELOW 18 YEARS of age I suggest you LEAVE NOW my sexy hangout place. Tnx!

Well…that being said and done, I can now speak freely to you about my horny life 🙂

I am my own little entrepreneur exploring my way through the ADULT INDUSTRY by coincidence.  Started my carnal career as an INDEPENDENT escort girl from Holland -who is very much in tune with her sexuality- I felt the need to promote & express myself through my pictures and stories.

Guys you should know: MORSO is Italian for BITE! Reading through my FEMDOM KINK page you will understand why I took this name.

Happy reading! Love-xxx Naughty Nikki


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Hi Guys! Feel sooo excited to go to GRONINGEN again! Over time I built up a bit of a male tag team in Groningen that will do me the honours of humping the bed with me and make me feel ALLL WOMAN! i love this … Continue readingGRONINGEN

Trashed slut

Next week i will be receiving MyMen again in ZWOLLE from 6 till 11 january…and I SO MUCH LOOK FORWARD TO IT! I had a short Christmas/New Year break and now I am fresh but my senses are killing me! My breasts are sooo sensitive … Continue readingTrashed slut

Happy new year

Happy New Year everybody!! That The Gods (especially Eros & Cupid) may give us strength, endurance, you guys a rock-hard-cock and me an always ready-to-use-wet-pussy and a dirty mind to fulfill our dirty secrets in 2020! Hope to see you all soon in 2020 again! … Continue readingHappy new year