Prive ontvangst was a success!

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nikita in sauna blog 1400x1200 1148x574 - Prive ontvangst was a success!

I can truly say that my test-trial of prive ontvangst was a success. The suite was fabulous! Every imaginable luxus was inside the room…maximum space, a hot tub, a sauna, a steam cell…living room/office and a QUEEN SIZE BED…hell did I make use of it 🙂 Guys…if you are a busy business man and you wish to steam off after your meetings…just go upstairs and Nikita is waiting for you…all dressed up, beautiful and LUSTFUL! ‘Sorry…I am in a meeting right now’…isn’t that just super to text to whomever bothers you? …AND true 🙂 Naughty Nikki strikes again!

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