Thank You Zwolle Prive!

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A big THANK YOUUU! to the DecentDutchMen who visited me on Friday and Saturday evening!

We had a great time together and I am grateful to be treated so well by you! It really makes me happy to be able to make YOU happy and satisfied! As I said before, I take on only few horny dates per evening with extended time between my dates so I can bathe myself and dedicate my make-up, my beauty, my dresses, my heels and my MINDSET to each of you and focus totally on fulfilling YOUR wishes!!

It gives me a real thrill to see 1st. The Spark of Eagerness in your eyes…and 2nd The Lazy Relaxed Satisfaction in your eyes that confirm ‘Now I can go and tell my friends that – I Did Her – ‘. 🙂 Naughty boyz you are with your boyz thoughts! bad bad bad! See you next Time!

Special thanks for MyNoordwijkMan! You were heavenly senior (I love a bit senior men) but active like a stallion! Oh-My-God! Tnx for the many hours we were together and the fun we had. Great Time xxx.


Love Nikita

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