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Hi Gents!

Well…I have a confession to make: in recent past I was merely doing escort / outcalls and it worked fine for me. Frequently I got the question: ‘Do you do prive ontvangst / incalls too, because I have no PRIVATE place to receive you’ (the usual stuff…kids, wives, ex-es, peeking neighbors, dogs etc.) My answer was always ‘No’. Period.

Then I decided…the heck with it..let’s try it and see where it goes. But I wanted it do prive! it MY way…luxurious, luscious, anonymous, discrete, personalized, cleanness, feel-good, safe, grande, wellness, tasteful, classy, upscale: that MyMen get the Total Satisfaction Experience (TSE!) from Nikita as I am known for 🙂 …and all that finest juiciness for a fair rate.

Well…once I started to do prive! it was a blasting success. Finally the gents who were following me -but could not see me- had the opportunity to get a taste of Nikita’s juicy TSE. And I must say I am pleasantly surprised about my clientele. Super good guys -really- from very young to old (yes, yes all of legal age..even the old ones haha) and all are courteous, thoughtful and being real Gents to me. Thank you boyz for your respect to me despite my naughty lifestyle 🙂 Ya’ll love it! Classy lady but with very naughty green eyes being a black, lack, high-heeled hunting PUMA in bed!

Soooooo Gents: Cum2Nikki and and see me prive! so we can screw up the bed again!

Nikki blog TSE - Nikki's TSE!

One Reply to “Nikki’s TSE!”

  1. Hey sexy,

    I see you do more and more “prive ontvangst” and it is a succes!?

    Good for you! But i sure hope you still will be doing escort in the future??

    I just love to invite you in my own persenal invironment!?

    Your Mr. Saabmen???

    Ps: i will book you in time, so you can block your agenda.?

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