Prive! 3 & 4 July ZWOLLE

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pRIVE 3 EN 4 JULY1 972x574 - Prive! 3 & 4 July ZWOLLE

Although I put my body to rest, my mind is racing!

Thinking of meat…cooked meat, baked meat and ManMeat…Juicy meat! Man I miss to have my regular meat..growing in my mouth and and feel that it’s coming near the tipping point! The point of no return. The point where I have to get ready to receive…BOOM! explosion all over and blasting over my face…in my mouth! I miss to taste ‘my’ cum…well actually ‘your’ cum.

Still 2 more weeks to go before I will meet you guys n your meat again. I can’t wait! Book me for PRIVE! in a luxurious suite on 3rd or 4th of July in ZWOLLE from 15:00h till 24:00h. This time I truly hope to be fully fully booked…hehe. Let’s play.

And I promise you you will meet a girl that hadn’t had meat for 4 weeks! So I will be hungry as hell. If you decide to bring the whole football team that’s fine too 🙂 Just give me a call and I will mentally prepare myself a bit…but will NOT say no! Hell no!

Book me Gentz!

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