Prive! 9 & 10 AUG ZWOLLE

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nikita zwolle 9 aug 900x574 - Prive! 9 & 10 AUG ZWOLLE

Hail Mary!

Finally the temperatures are going down and my appetite for devious sex is going UP! I am so happy that my body signals me that it is time for play. Time for undressing. Time for touching. Time for tasting. Time for feeling filled up. Time for taking this lovely man meat in my little hands with long nails and make it bigger. To suck softly on its dick head sucking the pre-juice out of it and let it roll over my tongue triggering a lust in me for MORE! To weigh the balls and kiss it gently. To feel the shiver of a man just before he gives his load to me. To manage the final electrifying waves of cock spasms in my hand directing this hard man meat to my mouth!  More cum to fill my mouth, to let it drip on my body. To feel it going down my thighs and get sticky and smelling so lovely…YUMMIE!

I can cum like crazy just serving a man and make him crazy about me! Narcissistic Nikki! well…TODAY and TOMORROW 9 and 10 of August it is TIME! Time for all of the above sexual acts that i am longing for so much for the past few weeks.

Temperatures are finally down. I am overly ready to receive in PRIVE lots of men to feed my sexual needs. Book me now!

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