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Groningen NIKKI 1098x574 - GRONINGEN 13 & 14 AUG

Hi Gents

I felt like wanting to take care of MyMen in the North! I had earlier sessions in GRONINGEN in my own lovely suite ...(oh yes: so just to be clear I am not a window girl at Nieuwstad red light district and you will NEVER find me there :)) I like my own ambiance, my own space, my own equipment & toys and my own garderobe…I organize and do everything myself and only want to work with the highest standards :)) without saying I am ‘high-class’…or that I am really beautiful or that I have brains too… to me that sounds as if I am with my nose up and serve only to SNOBS.

Well…that’s not me. 

Yes, I am blessed with all that but I tend to HATE snobs! So you have money? congratulations…so do I 🙂 Only if you are rich AND nice…well then we can have a very lovely time together. But usually I prefer to serve decent intelligent middle class men -young and old- with their own secret (BDSM) desires who need to work hard for their cash and wish to spend it carefully and wisely on a trusted HotGirl every now and then. Knowing that their secrets are in good trusted hands. To get Value for their Money. To be treated with wits and horniness in a hygienic environment and have a beautiful but kinky young lady doing incredible things to your Junior and your bum 🙂

So Men from Groningen and beyond: take a chance with Naughty Nikki or Nikita the Queen of KINK ! Book me today so I don’t need to disappoint you!

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