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SHELTER - #Storm & Shelter

#STORM  #CODEORANJE was trending and KNMI advised to find shelter when it started and not be on the road. Well….I decided to give a suggestion on twitter….

Decent nice looking hard working Dutch men on the road with some money in their pocket and a boner….well….SHELTER at my place!…. Cum2Nikki for shelter! I was working anyway and was hoping for 5 guys showing up at the same time so we could have a rainmaker party 🙂 Sadly that didn’t happen 🙁 But they liked my offer going by the responses I got and some guys took my suggestion and came over to see me and inspect my suite and my and my…(that is between them and me).

So keep in mind guys: BAD weather is actually GOOD weather for a secret date with Nikita. No one will find it weird that your phone is having poor (no) reception and that you took shelter in a good environment. Just don’t say Nikki was in the same room as well 🙂



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  1. Hi … I was one of those boys who accepted Nikita’s suggestion .. came to inspect her and: WOOOW what a Queen, what a woman .. if you do love porn and an ultimate blowjob, and a lovely bald pink pussy .. she will not disappoint you .. and Nikita you tasted delicious!

    xxx Erik

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