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Nikita Street posing 1000x574 - My LawyerMan

Today I had a real nice surprise! My long time friend The LawyerMan contacted me again! After 6 months!

I really honestly thought he had forgotten all about me, although we had a couple of super dates together before. A fit nice intelligent good looking middle aged lawyer with a busy job and no time for sex. But oh-so-horny! Lots of creative sexy ideas and funny 🙂

So the story is: he found me then -and we took it away as if there was no tomorrow- had great dates and kept in contact… and then he vanished suddenly! My gut said he met his 20 years younger foreign trophy-wife-to-be with fake lips n tits and this young lady was doing a better job than me :))

Today I understood I was wrong! He texted me just like that, mentioning he would never ever forget lovely wicked Nikita (yaya) and he wants to see me tomorrow!! I was purring like a little kitty and my damaged ego was somewhat restored. He told me there is no 20 years younger Mrs. Lawyer and that he got carried away with work and travels (and of course he tried some less attractive, less naughty, less funny, less juicy and less performing courtesans, but he kept that to himself).

And now he wants to party! With me! So he spoiled me with a long date in a very big suite with a big tub, a bottle of prosecco and I will bring the kinky boots, my REAL full titties and my sex toys :)) He told me to dress up ultra slutty like on this pic

So guys…if you meet me tomorrow: the mega size suite is courtesy of my LawyerMan!!

xxx Nikita

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