Heavenly Lips

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Card Nikki1 1148x574 - Heavenly Lips

MyMan from Utrecht made me soooo thrilled today! Check out the card he gave me. So beautiful text and really i melted when I read it…:

For Nikki,

Whose smile is gorgeous  |  Whose eyes are mesmerizing  |  Whose curves are delicious  |  Whose class is undeniable  |  And whose lips are a GATEWAY TO HEAVEN.

He came to see me for multiple hours and I was the lucky girl he chose again 🙂 Such a young beautiful gentleman who knows what he wants and is willing to travel for me to Zwolle so that he knew he would have a real woman, with real happiness and a real talk with and CERTAINLY a very real sex date :)) Boy did we hit it off together.

I feel honored to have him as MyMan…Nikki salutes you and the quality you stand for!

(…and of course we do the nasty naughty stuff secretly together; that’s nobody’s business!)

Thank you so much my dear for showing your appreciation for me and it gave me a smile on my face for the rest of the day.



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  1. I absolutely love it when my gentlemen leave me cards or little gifts to let me know that our date was as special to them as it was to me 🙂

    Thank you for such a cheerful post!

    ~Mme X~

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