ZWOLLE prive! 23-26 SEPT

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LEATHER STRAPS 896x574 - ZWOLLE prive! 23-26 SEPT

Hi MyMen!

I know, I know I knowww! I have been neglecting my blog – My Stories – terribly and I have lots of excuses for it, but it doesn’t really matter right? I have such lovely guys and a beautiful website and I am simply too busy to write my stories!

Anyway…in the last 6 months I developed my SM and extreme K!NK skills more and more and you know what!? You guys LOVEEE it! Finally a normal woman that you can tell everything you have in your mind doing (at least) one time in your SEXLIFE!

Also for me it is very exciting to push my own boundaries and see how I can go further and further….not as a ‘pain& obey mistress’, but as a really interactive kinky little devil that participates fully and make you cum like crazy!

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