sex = AMAzingly Healthy!

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healthy - sex = AMAzingly Healthy!

We kind a knew that sex was healthy…right? The aftermath of a good hump in the trunk gives you sparkles in your eyes and gives this immense physical and mental gratification that no other activity or substance can do 🙂

For me for example -when I climax- (and I do cum very frequently with my clients…I am simply too horny and lovveee to cum haha), the feeling I get is unbeatable to any other feeling…my head is pumping, my legs shake and my lovely virgin-looking cunt is contracting like an octoPUSSY…Yay! …and I always wish it doesn’t stop…so I guess it makes me a sex-addicted Über-Nympho!

Now study shows HOW MUCH healthy it is: improved heart rate, blood pressure, pain relief and of course burning calories….

So guys! Let your inhibitions and shame go to have a LOT OF SEX…and especially WITH ME!

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