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I am Nikita (or Nikki), 29 years old and a very, very happy naughty girl with a strong mind and a big heart! I genuinely love what I do for a living and you can say I made my work out of my hobby…just it took me a long long time to figure out that it is eroticism and sex how I wanted to make my living. And before I realized it…I did it! My days are filled with activities that come down to improving myself, making myself more beautiful and sexy for men…and…to get the male attention that I crave so much! 🙂

But let’s start with my STATS first since I am sure you guys like to know my physique rather than my sweet lovely angel/devilish character. And we don’t expect to marry each other after the sex, right?

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Ethnic origin: Caucasian female – Age: 29 years – Tall: 1m70 – Weight: 66kgs – Eyes: green – Hair & color: half long, raven black – Piercings & tatts: none – Skin type: milky white baby soft – Nails: long, weapon pointed RED nails – Lips: natural and sharply contoured with my signature RED lipstick! – Body shape: slim, and full juicy proportionally shaped body – Pussy: always shaven, girly tight pinkish – Breasts: natural full C cup – Ass: well…for the assmen among you: it is one of my great assets and I get a lot of compliments about my cheeks 🙂 So eat your heart out! I personally consider my biggest asset to be my face. Fine lined, shining and sparkling…always busy to express my emotions and naughtyness. THIS BODY IS MADE FOR SEX! Just how men like it!

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And I knew I had a hot body made for sex and flirting sparkling eyes since my childhood. I grew up with the horny look of men on me when they laid their eyes on me! Just I could not express my sexuality since I was raised a decent girl who was to supposed to study hard, be good, stay virgin for Mr. Right, get married and live happily ever after! So I did…well partly 🙂 So I played ‘hard to get’ and I did not have sex until I was 19 years old. My 1st experience was soso…not good – not bad. But I just knew that GOOD SEX could blow off my mind & body…all my life I masturbated a lot (and still do) and at times it is really all overwhelming when i cum! Nothing can beat the feeling of an explosive orgasm! So this is how I developed MY SENSUAL SECRET ADDICTION!

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Slowly but steadily I developed -in secret- the exhibionistic nympho dark side of this sparkling young lady. I always experimented with myself in front of mirrors or in public; walk around naked at home, dress up ultra sexy (one could say hookerish 🙂 to seek this sexthrill…this wonderful gratification of shamelessly provoking mastur-play resulting in a blow in my brains that outshines the sun on a summerday! These shivers that take control over my body! And the aftermath….ohh! My body tinkles on high energy as if I spent 2 days in the gym!

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So after a life of hiding my sexuality for my environment, for my partners (guys couldn’t handle a naughty but loyal nympho as their gf) and never gotten the quantity of sex and cocks I needed…well…the skies opened up on me after I arrived in Holland and someone told me that prostitution is allowed in this amazing country. Oh Dear!….i found my mission! This is what I wanted! To be promiscuous, be naughty, be beautiful, get attention, satisfy men, satisfy myself, finally fulfilling my senses and be The Best Ho of Holland :)…AND get paid for it!

…so I became an ESCORT GIRL for decent men…I call them: MyMen!

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