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#Storm & Shelter

#STORM  #CODEORANJE was trending and KNMI advised to find shelter when it started and not be on the road. Well….I decided to give a suggestion on twitter…. Decent nice looking hard working Dutch men on the road with some money in their pocket and a … Continue reading#Storm & Shelter

Beach Bum

I just couldn’t take it any longer! What an incredible heat in the past weeks in Holland….35+ degrees and counting. It even made me loose my appetite for sex! Imagine? me! Nikita! no sex? my addiction gone? Impossible! It got me worried sick that I … Continue readingBeach Bum

I Teach You!

I received my Kink Sluts in audience in APELDOORN! – Lessons of a Femdom Queen. Days are going so fast when you’re having fun! Don’t need to look at the clock for lunch time because time is over before I know it. In the past … Continue readingI Teach You!

My TwitterMan KAREL

(published with permission of client) Today I was lucky!! MyTwitterMan and horny friend KAREL (twitter handle @fietser305)  came to see me prive in Apeldoorn!! Normally I go and see him as escort…so it was a very nice surprise for me that he came to visit me … Continue readingMy TwitterMan KAREL


See? Gearing up for my home-coming and preparing for improper, wicked, spicy BED GAMES! Saw the accompanying pic with this post? I invite ALL MEN WHO ENJOY MESSY SPIT, PEE & DIRTY ANAL FINGERING RIMMING & PEGGING GAMES to come over to me in APELDOORN … Continue reading9 & 10 JULY APELDOORN

FIFA FootBallS

Well Guys… I JUST KNEW to take my holiday now, without knowing that the FIFA Worldcup Football has started! AM I A LUCKY B*TCH 🙂 What I’ve learnt over the years is this:  there is only one thing that MEN love more than PUSSY and … Continue readingFIFA FootBallS