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A proper description of me is here

LANGUAGES I speak fluently are: English, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian. I have a good command of Dutch and Italian.

The minimal date time I require for a booking within EUROPE is 6 HOURS. For OUTSIDE EUROPE the minimal time for a booking is 12 HOURS and includes at least 1 overnight.

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When you are my existing client I will be happy to jump the train or plane with/to you! For first time clients: I will do a back ground check before we meet and I politely request your help providing such info upon my request. For international dates I usually meet only in hotels, not private homes (unless I know you very well). Hotel room to be reserved & paid by client.

(Note: I will not travel to countries where an escort is forbidden by law. Moreover countries where gender inequality is actively practiced are not on my visit list).

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A detailed description of what you can expect from me on an ESCORT date is here

Yes! I can travel anywhere you wish me to be! As long as it is with a bit of style, fun and naughty. You are going on a business trip and you like me by your side? -The Entertaining Lady- as your witty travel companion in day time but at night the nasty play bunny you always wished for.

Or you live abroad and developed a taste for Nikki’s Naughtiness. Well…I will travel with pleasure to you and entertain you day and night 🙂 Just email or text me with your wishes and I will do my best to make you happy. Contact me here

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A detailed description of what you can expect from Queen Nikita is here

You are tired of the local surrogate mistresses who can shout but don’t deliver true mind-fuck & real kink? So you finally have the guts to humbly ask for an audience from your Queen? Excellent!  Just email or text me with your experience level, your wishes and your boundaries. Your Queen will get back to you at Her earliest convenience. Contact me here

(Note: In case we are to meet in a local dungeon, then such room needs to be reserved & paid by client).

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